It seem that human beings are destined to be prisoners of various paradoxes, we both create and destroy, we make efforts to document and communicate, but at the same time we tend to forget and suppress the truth, we are driven by ideals, yet remain hobbled by imperfection.

In this series, I try to explore small findings in remains of abandoned termite colony, which found inside my house. My approach in this observation is to focus on how man made structure sooner or later enters into a dialectic struggle with nature. In this case the termite have deconstructs the work of man by producing its own work.

After a few hundreds scanning of termite moulds, I start select a few for aesthetic display I began to aware that my selective preference is not neutral but is in fact value laden. This selective process becomes an act of attributing human like qualities to non-human objects as an attempt to dominance the world based upon human self-centre. While some images presented in this series are pure from human intervention, the others are distorted by digital manipulation. This shows a fragile equilibrium between human persistence and unimpeded natural process, by raise tension between the self and the world, the impure relationship between nature process and human subjectivity, are what "Trace of Anthropomorphism" ultimately affirms.