Endless Wanderer


Not long ago I had considered life as pointless as we are ‘born to die’  .  looking for but not finding the way   to escape from anxious of expectation in life. I decided to temporary renounce the world and adopting ascetic life as Buddhist monk.  I started wander endlessly  on foot from Northern to central part of Thailand. Without any money, I only depend on only food and water receive from alms-bowl offer by villager. During the walk my life become slower but more delicate. I had become more mindfulness to the detail surrounding things that I did not pay attention before. I can contemplate on the misery of other living. I learned to accept that life is full of unfairness. But to cultivate compassion is a secret for our survival in this harsh world. I have found peace in my mind among other pilgrims who show me that the people who have less materialize can be blissful in their life. This body of work is not intent as photo essay.  It may not clarify any account or knowledge about Buddhist monastic life. But it act as personal memoir, the transformative experience I grain from this path.